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Long-term rental

Why is it better to rent a car rather than buying one with financial leasing?

Our service helps you save much time and energy. Enter a world where cars are devices for your most convinient working conditions.
Call us for personal advice for the most appropriate solution.
Some examples from our offer:
-New  Nissan Micra with A/C from 399EUR monthly, including basic insurances, road tax, breakdown insurance and pick up- return service. You only have to hop into the car, and drive.
-New  Skoda Octavia with A/C from 430EUR monthly, including basic insurances,road tax, breakdown insurance and pick up – return service.
Feel free to call us, our colleagues are happy to help you find the most favorable offer for your company.
Skoda Octavia long-term rental:
  • 760EUR net/30 days
  • 660EUR net/30 days for at least 2 months
  • 630EUR net/30 days for 3-12 months
Peugeot 206+ long-term rental:
  • 630EUR net/30 days
  • 560EUR net/30 days for at least 2 months
  • 530EUR net/30 days for at least 3-12 months