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What are the personal requirements for renting?

The minimum age requirement is 21.
You need to present your passport and driver’s license with at least 2  years of experience in driving. A valid credit or debit card is also needed for the deposit.

How can I reserve a car?

The reservation has to be done online. It’s easy, quick and completely safe.
Simply fill in the form you can find under the ‘Home’ button. You will soon receive an automatically-generated email containing the details and the conditions of the reservation. After that, within 48 hours our colleagues will send you another email finalizing your reservation.
Make sure to provide your Budapest address and the preferred pick – up time , or your flight number and the expected arrival of your flight.

Are there any extra costs I need to pay beside the rental fee?

The price you need to pay is exactly the amount you agree to before finalising your registration.

Do you provide extra accessories and services?

In case of extra services, e.g. pick-up or returning the car at the airport, which is out of town , you need to pay an extra fee.
If you need extra equipment, contact us for more information.

Where are the free pick-up points?

We deliver the car to your address (e.g. your hotel or appartment) anywhere in Budapest for free. If you would like to pick up the car out of town, you need to pay an extra fee depending on the location.

Where are the free drop-off points?

Our free downtown drop-off points are at Széll Kálmán Square and Blaha Lujza Square.

When and how can I pay?

The rental fee and the deposit need to be payed when picking up the car. You may pay with cash, debit or credit card.
The rental cost doesn’t contain the deposit. The deposit can only be payed by a debit or credit card.

Do you have any other questions? Feel free to contact us, we speak English.